Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson started as a combat cameraman in the US Marine Corps, then after graduation came to New York and shot for a while here. A few years after arriving in New York he ran into another cameraman who wanted to make a film on two farmers in upstate Connecticut. Ssing his experience as Production Manager at WDCR and my musical abilities (he's played the violin all his life) he learned to become a soundman/editor. It took them two years to shoot, edit, and complete the feature documentary, which still plays at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, NY. The rest is history. He has alternated between features and documentaries for many years. However for the past two decades he have been working as a Production Sound Mixer in Motion Pictures. He have been blessed by the opportunity to collaborate with some of the finest directors and actors in film. 'The Brave One" and "August Rush" are two films out now for which he recorded the sound, with "The Accidental Husband" being released soon (shot by William Rexer '86).

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Production Sound Mixer