Tashi Dondup

Born in Boise, Tashi started making movies in junior high. Time travel was a common theme. Ten years later, he still wishes he were older. Ten years from now, he'll probably want to make movies about time travel again. Lately, he's been living in Venice and working at Muse Productions. He recently left the company to focus on finishing his third script, "What's Up, Brother?" The story is about brothers born ten years apart. One wants to work his worries away, the other wants to be a monk. Tashi completed three 16mm shorts at Dartmouth. The latest is a re-telling of the Rapunzel fairy tale. Earlier subjects include the death of a bunny and karma at the racetracks. He calls his unincorporated company For Real Films. His quest to keep working may soon take him to Morocco, New York, or Idaho. 

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Writer / Director