Rupin Dang

Media commentator
1 Factory Road, Ring Road South, New Delhi 110 029, India, Ph/Fax: 011 26191180
Managing Director, Wilderness Films India Ltd. Director, The Asian Miracle
I have offered my consultancy services for the recent Commonwealth Games' preparations for High Definition coverage, and to television, media and broadcasting issues in general.
As a member of the National Tourism Advisory Council, I am familiar with the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of India, in terms of present tourism policy, and have made suggestions and contributions at the policy level.
More recently, Wilderness Films India Ltd. made the film on the International Broadcast Center of the IBC, for Prasar Bharti, Shaf Broadcasting and Global Television, Australia.
To provide some background, I was the person responsible for bringing High Definition technology to India for the first time in 2001.  I also introduced digital EFP and ENG technologies for the first time in 1994, and these subsequently became de facto standards for Indian broadcasting in subsequent years. Likewise, I have been involved with bringing the newest technology for the benefit of better content, years ahead of its time, to India, in a similar fashion to the introduction of HD during the Commonwealth Games as a defining moment, just as the Asian Games in 1982 brought colour television to India over a quarter century back...
I work with the top broadcasters around the world, as a consultant, and impart services and export software/content to them through Wilderness Films India Ltd. and The Asian Miracle (both are Software Technology Parks of India companies). I help bring international broadcasting trends and technologies to India, and more importantly, to indigenize them and ensure their adaptation to local conditions, while at the same time ensuring that Indian content reaches a wider international audience, and comes up to the requirements for global distribution, in terms of suitability and quality.
• St. Paul's School, Darjeeling, 1978-1984
• The Doon School, Dehra dun, 1984
• The Army Public School, New Delhi, 1984-1990
• Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA:
            Liberal Arts A. B. in Filmmaking and Environmental Studies, 1990-1994
• Was listed in the Limca Book of Records, as India's youngest filmmaker
•  Created programming for various global networks.
•  Director of Wilderness Films India Ltd., a public limited broadcast and television services
   company based in New Delhi. WFIL features:
            - The largest stock footage archive on South Asia, in the world.
            - One of the larger high Definition broadcast facility houses in Asia.
• TA'ed film production at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (1995)
• Specialized in Helicopter-based filming, with 200+ hours of flying and filming, across India  and the Himalaya.
• Filmed around the highest mountain habitats in the Himalaya, including Everest, Kanchenjunga and Nanda Devi.
• Initiated large-scale international content contracts with Google Video (2005-2007) and National Geographic Digital Motion (2008 onwards).
• Awarded The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award (1990)
• Awarded the Reynold's Expedition Fund Grant  by the Rockefeller Foundation.
• Awarded the Peter D. Smith Initiative Award  by the Hopkins Center.
• Awarded a grant by the Mellon Foundation.
• Awarded Waterhouse Research Grant  and Mellon Foundation Grant.
• Awarded a joint grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation and the Dougherty Fund.
• Awarded the Young Achiever  Award by the Rotary Club of Delhi and the Ambassador of Switzerland in India.
•  Won the “Incredible India Award” from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, in 2006, for the best tourism film made on India.
•  Won the “National Tourism Award” from the Government of India in 2007
•  Nominated as a member of the National Tourism Advisory Council, 2008-2011.
Extensive experience and interests in mountaineering, heli-skiing, adventure sports, wildlife, captive breeding of Indian wild species, etc.
• Undertaken a ten-year study on the ecosystem imbalance caused by the large-scale removal of mountain herbs from the Govind Pashu Vihar Sanctuary in Garhwal.
• Well-versed in the preparation of environmental impact assessment surveys and reports, relating to disturbance to Himalayan wildlife habitats.
• Prepared extensive field notes and field checklists of the birdlife of different regions in India.
• Extensively studied the flora of Garhwal between 1985 and 1993, after which I published a volume on Himalayan Flowers, through HarperCollins India. This book is now in its third edition, as a Wilderness Films India Ltd. imprint.
• Extensive field work on Himalayan ungulates, including the Bharal, Goral, Thar, Serow and Ibex. Recent fieldwork on the habitat and habits of the Snow Leopard as well.
• Field survey and population dynamics studies of the pheasant populations of Garhwal, especially the Monal, Chir, Kaleej and Koklass.
• Carried out fifteen years of fieldwork, in an effort to rediscover the Mountain Quail (1985-present).
  The latest phase of our search began in November 2003, the culmination of a decade and a half of field and researchwork.
• Carried out a campaign to encourage the cultivation of Himalayan herb plants, and set up a  governmental chain in the distribution of the same, in an effort to minimize impact on wild populations.
• Studied field ecology, botany, Himalayan fluvial geomorphology and population dynamics, as part of an Environmental Studies A.B. at Dartmouth College, USA (1990-1994).
• Currently spearheading one of the first private conservation initiatives in India, by inspiring people to set aside large areas of private land in India, for conservation use. A pilot project is currently being undertaken under at Jabbarkhet at a height of 7, 500 feet in the lower Himalayan hills of Garhwal, in Uttarakhand.
Rupin Dang
Managing Director, Wilderness Films India Ltd.
Member, National Tourism Advisory Council, Government of India
Director, The Asian Miracle
Trustee, Future Generations India
"Youngest Filmmaker in India": Limca Book of Records
Recipient of "National Tourism Award" and "Incredible India Award", 2006 and 2007
1 Factory Road, Ring Road South, New Delhi 110 029
Phone/Fax: +91 11 26191180; Office: +91 11 26198255, 26198954, 26163766
Exploring Business Development opportunities with Wilderness Films India Ltd:
I'm not sure if we can work together on the content front, but we'd be glad to figure out ways of working together. Do let us know the next time you have something else that is India-specific happening or if you can help us market or distribute our content in your region... I enclose our post-MIPTV/MIPCOM content catalog as I believe there is a lot of content in there that could be of use for various European and American broadcasters, and maybe you can professionally help us distribute it. Please come back to me with ideas and suggestions. Or maybe we can discuss joint commissioning of programming from South Asia, for the world market? Please find enclosed a partial catalog of our 2500 shorts, short and full length docus, features and viral/internet videos that would be of use for licensing  through your company to a global audience. Do be in touch if you require more information. As India's largest stock footage house with 5000+ hours of HD content, India's widest stills imagery archive with over 750, 000 images, and as one of India's oldest and largest factual content, shorts and documentary production houses, Wilderness Films India Ltd. looks forward to striking up a special association with leading content distributors and co-producers globally. We're in the process of currently setting up India's first factual programme offering, a sort of South Asian answer to existing factual content plays. We are also developing a global stock footage and stills sales portal, along the lines of Corbis or Getty, utilizing our 750, 000 stills and broadcast archive of 4000 hours, which together make us the largest stock footage resource on South Asia, in the world. Among other awards, we won the "Incredible India Award" in 2006 and the "National Tourism Award" in 2007, for the best tourism film made in India in 2007. We seek meaningful content distribution and business development opportunities with your organization. With an IPR of 125 million Euros, we are looking at distribution or sale of our stock footage resources - the largest available anywhere in the world on India, Nepal and Bhutan, and a range of subjects including music, dance, wildlife, environment, the Himalaya, tribes and communities, religion and art, culture and fashion, science and aerials, news and history - we have the works. We feature a lot of the "New India", with modern cities, construction, heavy industry, international trade, manufacturing, urban retail, malls, schools, colleges, middle class consumption and much more. The world is looking at India in a new way and we have just the imagery to portray that image of New India! We create a range of shorts on India's rivers, birds, flowers, animals, sanctuaries, national parks, Himalayan eco-systems, tribal communities, religion and culture (with a key focus on Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam) and much more. We have already shot and are post-producing over 2500 shorts, with a duration of 3 to 5 minutes each, in order to capture a major global market-share in this developing space... We also feature full-length documentaries, and are open to taking on specifically commissioned films of a diverse kind. At the same time, we're looking to raise US$65 to 100 million in Private Equity (as a precursor to an IPO or listing on the AIM of the LSE) to jump-start a slew of internet and television content ventures, including India's first tourism and educational content portals, and South Asia's first factual programming initiative. If you can facilitate a PE infusion, we'd be glad to talk professional terms. Among others, we would like to re-invigorate our "Visual Mapping of the Indian Subcontinent" internet project which was once featured on Google Video as "the fastest growing collection on Google Video" and brought in millions of page views in the early days of video-on-the-web... (until our content starting getting stolen and placed on Youtube!) We own the copyright to 70 viral video properties, including one of the Top Ten viral videos of all time, which has generated over 350 million page views on the internet. At the same time, we would love to provide broadcast and television services to your visiting camera crews for productions in India. From fixing to equipment, crewing and locations to post-production, we have all facilities available in-house. With over 90 HDCAM and other HD camera units, 200 HD lenses, and a slew of other options, we have you covered, be it HDCAM SR, RED, XDCAM HD or P2! If not work, then visit us in the Himalaya at our 900 acre Mountain Quail Rediscovery project, where we protect 800, 000 Himalayan Rhododendron, Oak and cedar trees, and a large population of pheasants, Black Bear, leopard, Goral, Barking Deer and much more. And if you're ever in Delhi, or need help while here, do look us up! For any of the above, or something new, let's talk! I look forward to hearing from you... Sincerely, Rupin Rupin Dang Managing Director, Wilderness Films India Ltd. Member, National Tourism Advisory Council, Government of India Director, The Asian Miracle Trustee, Future Generations India "Youngest Filmmaker in India": Limca Book of Records Recipient of "National Tourism Award" and "Incredible India Award", 2006 and 2007 1 Factory Road, Ring Road South, New Delhi 110 029 Phone/Fax: +91 11 26191180; Office: +91 11 26198255, 26198954, 26163766 Email: Mobile: +91 98 100 19704
We're in the process of currently setting up India's first factual programming channel, a sort of South Asian answer to existing factual content plays. We are also developing a global stock footage and stills sales portal, along the lines of Corbis or Getty, utilizing our 750, 000 stills and broadcast HD archive of 4000+ hours, which together make us the largest stock footage resource on South Asia, in the world. Among other awards, we won the "Incredible India Award" in 2006 and the "National Tourism Award" in 2007, for the best tourism film made in India in 2007.   Years back, we started using the first High Definition cameras in north India, with our Sony HDW F900 HDCAM's. We now have over a hundred Canon and Fujinon Hi Def and SD lenses, dozens of HD cameras including HDW 730S and HDW F900's, HDCAM Sony players and recorders, HD post-production solutions, Panasonic Varicam DVC Pro HD and P2, and the ability to create an entire feature film on HD, from concept to master... More recently, we've ordered the SRW 9000 HDCAM SR 880 mbps  camcorder and Arri Alexa. We're also pushing HDV and XDCAM HD as lower-cost tapeless HD options. Apart from Hi Def, we have a wide inventory of standard definition camera units and VTR's of virtually every format and standard in use worldwide. A more detailed profile is attached below. And do have a look at our website...   Sincerely, Rupin   There is only one broadcast and television entity in India that can take care of all your requirements - for filming, video transfers, editing, footage and programming. Wilderness Films India Ltd. has the widest range of formats, be it Digital Betacam, Beta SP, XDCAM HD, HDV, DVCAM, DVC Pro HD or HDCAM, and we're all industry professionals. We have 90 broadcast camera units in-house, 20 editing units, 50 full-time and 50 freelance staff, with capacity for up to ten professional field crews, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, equipped with roaming cellphones or sat-phones. We also have vehicles, editing facilities and VTR's of all formats (PAL and NTSC), tapestock, producers, directors, an in-house travel agent (for your air and ground transportation, even helicopter charters), satellite uplinking - the works...   We have the largest international production coordination and locations network in south Asia, and can provide camera units, crews, ground support and coordination, as per your requirements. We've been in the business for twenty years and are a reputed public limited company.   Be it an international production that requires a partner or an entirely Indian show, we have the solution for you, with our production department producing several international documentaries each year. We've shot on Everest for a four month period, and in just about every corner of the Himalaya over the past two decades. Our unique stock library houses 5000 hours on Digi Beta and 750, 000 still images. We have more than eight hundred clients across India, and over five hundred around the world, including CNN, BBC, EBU, NHK, WGBH, Star TV, BSkyB, Granada, TV5, and a host of others.   Please keep us in mind in the future. We look forward to working with you!   With good wishes, Sincerely, John Robert Wilderness Films India Ltd. (Administration) +91 11 26198255, 26198954, 26163766, 26100336 WFIL's broadcast and television services:   Cameras:   1) Sony HDCAM / HDCAM SR / HDV: HDW F900/3 and HDW 730S High Definition units, with down-convertor cards (12 units) SRW 9000 HDCAM SR one-piece camcorder. Also Arri Alexa and F23 with SRW 1 / SRPC 1 XDCAM HD PDW 700, PDW F800, EX3, PMW 350, PDW 530P and EX1 with underwater housing HDV : HVR S270 and HVR Z7P with interchangeable lenses (using Fujinon ACM 17 adaptor) HDV cameras: HDR-FX1E, FX7, Z5, HVR-Z1 and HC9E with underwater housing. Digital still cameras:  Canon EOS 5D Mk2, EOS 7D, EOS 550D, range of Canon lenses                           Nikon D300, D4, 600 f/4, 300 f/2.8, 80-200 f/2.8, 2x, 1.4x, 20 mm, 60 mm Macro, etc.   2) DVC Pro HD: Panasonic AJ-HDC27 Varicam, P2 HPX2700, HVX200 NTSC P2, HVX 202 PAL P2 and AG-HPX 172.   3) DVCAM/DV: Sony DSR 500WSP, DSR 570WSP, DSR 450WSP Canon XL1E, XL1S, XL1H and XM1, Canon XL1H (and Canon 3x wide angle for XL1) Sony PD 150P / PD170 PAL and NTSC   4) Beta SP (now pretty much extinct!): Sony D50P/BVV5P, Sony BVW 400AP PAL & NTSC 5) Digital Betacam: Sony DVW 700WSP / 790WSP / 970P 6) D-SLR - Canon EOS 5D Mk2, EOS 7D and EOS 550D, with 20 mm, 24 mm, 80-200 f/2.9, 300 f/2.8 and 600 f/4 VTR's: 1) HDCAM: J-H1, J-H3, HDW S280 and HDW M2000 Cine Alta recorders: play and record PAL, NTSC and 24 fps! 2) Digital Betacam: Sony DVW A500P / 500P 3) DVCAM/DV: Sony DSR 11 - PAL / NTSC recording, Sony DSR 45P / 1800P / 80P / 2000P, with SD-SDI 4) Umatic SP: High Band VO 9800 / 9850 5) Betacam SP: Sony PVW 2600P, 2800P, BVW 60P / 65P / 75P 6) IMX: Play back NTSC & PAL in Beta SP, Digi Beta, Beta SX and IMX formats! 7) DVC Pro: Panasonic AJ-D 455/450/650 edit recorders and AJ-D92 DVC Pro 50 NTSC recorder 8) HDV: HVR 1500 (with HD SDI up-conversion), HVR M15P and HVR M10U Lenses:                Canon HJ14 X 4.3 IRSE super wide, HJ11, J11 X 4.5WRS, J11 IRS, J9X5.2 WRS, YJ12X6.5, Fujinon HA13 and HA14 wide angles Canon HJ22B IASE, HJ21 X 7.8, Fujinon HA22 and the new HA23! Canon HJ40 X 14 (the longest portable lens in the world) and Fujinon HA42 Canon MS210D, SS41 and MS15 zoom and focus remotes   Tripods: Vinten 22SD and Vision 8/10/12/20/100, Sachtler Video 18 and 20 Manfrotto 510 tripods, dollies and spreaders, Cartoni jib, Miller DS60 heavy-duty HD tripod   Accessories: Tascam DAP1 portable DAT recorder, Time Code DAT Tascam DA 60 Shure FP 42, M367 and SQN 2S and 4S field audio mixers Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 shotgun mics, with Rycotes and boom rods Sony 9" battery-operated, 14" BVM HD, SDI monitors, Marshall HD-SDI monitors 8.60" and 21" Sony MXP 290 and Yamaha audio mixers Sony switchers: DFS 500 / 700 and Grass Valley GVG 110CV Sony edit controllers: BVE 2000, RM 450, PVE 500 Shure and Sennheiser 500 Series lapel and handheld UHF cordless microphones (24 frequencies) Infrared night-vision camera & button-concealed cordless audio-video Spycam Sony Flycam/Cigarcam with digital recorders, and 8 miniature cameras - Sony XC 999P & Elmo. 800 Tiffen and Formatt filters (4X4, 4X5.6 and 6X6) and Chrosziel, Arri, Vocas and Genus matte boxes Portakit Lowell like kit with 2 lighting heads, stands and umbrellas (1 KV each). Shadowcaster lighting kit - 3 lighting heads with stands - 100 to 500W. Babies  1KV and Solar 2 KV lights, with stands and barndoors Rosco lighting filters/gels/lighting pads Sachtler Reporter lights of 30W, 100W, 300W and 600W   Other services:   Roaming cell phones and connections Satellite phones, on Inmarsat Mini M terminals Tapestock - all formats available in stock 24 hours a day / 365 days a year Solar battery charger and UPS set, for use out-of-doors, to provide up to 100W of power. Underwater housings for Sony EX1 and HC9 - Ewamarine and Sony. Crew transport right across the country: cars, sedans, buses, vans, plane charters, etc. Helicopter hire services, with qualified Swiss pilots, for filming anywhere in India, or use         our special 'choppercam' camera with 3, 6, 8 and 12 mm lenses. Used and new broadcast equipment sale and purchase services Engineering department, with full repair services and spare parts, for all broadcast gear Stock footage library, with 4000 hours of Digi Beta footage and 750, 000 slides on 35 mm! Field production generator power Our digital imaging lab provides high resolution drum-scan quality 4000 dpi scanning, on various Nikon         Coolscans, with Digital Ice technology, to 'remove' scratches and fungus from older slides. Broadband bandwidth on demand, and VSAT's for sending footage and content. CD-writers, Video CD-writers and DVD-writers, and transfers/duplication from all video formats. Non-linear editing, based around dual-processor Apple G5 Powermacs running FCP HD Mac G4 Titanium Powerbook and IBM laptops, for use during your shoots, or for non-linear editing Production department, for wildlife, environment and Himalayan features

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