Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips, his then-wife Julia Phillips, and Tony Bill received the Academy Award for Best Picture for producing The Sting in 1973. The Phillips's were the first husband-and-wife team to win the Best Picture award. The couple then produced Taxi Driver, director Martin Scorsese's critically acclaimed Palme d'Or-winning urban thriller, as well as writer-director Steven Spielberg's critically and financially successful science fiction film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (the latter produced with Clark Paylow). Phillips early work in a producing team with his wife continues to receive acclaim within the industry. Twenty-five years after its Oscar success, "The Sting" was inducted into theProducers Guild of America's Hall of Fame, granting each of its producers a Golden Laurel Award. In June 2007, Taxi Driver was ranked as the 52nd best American feature film of all time by the American Film Institute.

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