Melissa Myers

Melissa Myers is a writer living in Los Angeles. After graduating Dartmouth summa cum laude and spending a year abroad, Melissa moved to New York where she gained production experience on independent films such as You Can Count on Me and on the television series Wonderland. She then moved to Los Angeles to continue her production work on the sitcoms Imagine That and Watching Ellie before joining The West Wing in its fourth season. It was there Melissa decided to pursue her writing. While at The West Wing, she researched and broke stories for Aaron Sorkin's play and feature projects, including The Farnsworth Invention and Charlie Wilson's War. In 2005, she earned accolades in the one-hour drama category in the Austin Film Festival and Scriptapalooza. Then in 2006, she joined the writing staff of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, where she and her fellow writers were nominated for a WGA Award. She is currently working on her first feature and shopping around a one-hour pilot.

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