Lilian Mehrel

Lilian Mehrel is an award-winning young filmmaker with a sense of absurd humor and unique poetry. Her cinematic eye for storytelling developed as she studied literature at Dartmouth, worked for peace and diplomacy at Seeds of Peace and the U.S. Department of State, led film workshops to youth from conflicted countries, and founded an arts, leadership, and peace program in Yafo for diverse girls as a Reynolds Scholar. As a Senior Fellow, she wrote and illustrated a 226-page family memoir. As an MFA candidate at NYU’s Graduate Film program, she has written and directed four short films, and worked as cinematographer and editor on various projects, including the behind-the-scenes of an upcoming James Franco feature. Her films have been nominated for the Kodak award and have won her the Maurice Kanbar scholarship. Maira Kalman called her work “epic and cinematic… full of heart and curiosity.” Lilian promptly fainted.

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