Julie Davis

Julie Davis wrote, produced, directed and edited the critically acclaimed low budget comedy ÒI Love You, DonÕt Touch Me!Ó which was one of the highest sales and most popular films at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, and was released in 1998 by MGM/Goldwyn Films. Opening to enthusiastic reviews from The Los Angeles TimesÕ Kenneth Turan, who called the film Òsexy, honest and consistently funny,Ó and The New York TimesÕ Janet Maslin, who dubbed Davis Òthe female Woody Allen,Ó Davis was able to raise the independent financing for her second film ÒAmyÕs Orgasm.Ó In the film, Davis explored the complications that arise when a feminist self-help author falls for a sexist shock jock. ÒAmyÕs OrgasmÓ was hailed as Òcandid, funny, and deeply authenticÓ by Daily Variety, Òa smart, tart breath of fresh airÓ by The Hollywood Reporter, and Òsophisticated, funny, and freshÓ by The Los Angeles Times. The film is the highest selling title on Sundance Home Video and also won the prestigious Audience Award at the 2001 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. After the success of ÒAmyÕs OrgasmÓ, Davis directed the romantic comedy ÒAll Over the Guy,Ó starring Adam Goldberg, Doris Roberts, Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow, and produced by Don Roos (ÒThe Opposite of SexÓ). ÒAll Over the GuyÓ was sold to Lions Gate Films in 2001 and has been theatrically released world-wide. Davis has recently written an original series for Showtime, as well as having completed the screenplay for her next film, The Daily Grind, based on her real-life experiences as an editor at the Playboy Channel.

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