Jessica VanGarsse

Jessica Van Garsse is a freelance documentary / tv producer & director based in New York. Her work has appeared on HBO, the Independent Film Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, NBC, CBS, ABC, A&E, and MTV, among others, and has taken her everywhere from the Middle East to the Amazon Jungle, from the Bayou to the White House, from a madrassa to more than a few missile silos, from deathrow in a maximum security prison, to a stretcher speeding from ambulance to operating table, and most recently to a survival hut in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.  One of the films Jess produced was nominated for an Oscar in 2011.  After graduating from cum laude from Dartmouth in ’04, with a major in Psychology, Jess worked in the medical field for a time before starting her career in storytelling. She began at CBS News, as an Associate Producer on the network’s primetime specials and its newsmagazine “48 Hours”, and later covered health and medical stories for the Evening News. While at Dartmouth, Jess interned for Miramax in Los Angeles, and again later in New York, and worked as Production Assistant for the College’s Media Production Group. She currently resides in Brooklyn.


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