Clifford O Ebrahim

Cliff Osmond is a veteran actor, director, writer, and teacher based in Los Angeles. He is a long-time member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars), the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the Emmys), the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, and the Writers Guild of America. As an actor, he has co-starred in four of the legendary writer/director Billy Wilder's films, "The Fortune Cookie," "Kiss Me, Stupid," "Front Page," and "Irma La Douce" (all available on VHS and DVD); and in a long career Cliff has been featured in over twenty other feature films and guest starred in over 150 prime time network television shows. See for a complete résumé of Cliff's screen work. Cliff is also an award winning television writer, and a feature film director ("The Penitent," starring Raul Julia and Armand Assante). As an acting teacher and coach, he has taught over 20,000 students in a twenty-year teaching career.

Alumni Information
actor, director, writer, and teacher