Andrew Shue

Andrew Shue made his television debut as a series regular on "Melrose Place". He also has appeared on "The Wonder Years." Shue's feature film credits include "Adventure's in Babysitting" and "The Karate Kid." Recently, Shue completed production on Francis Ford Coppola's feature film, "The Rainmaker." A history major at Dartmouth College, Shue traveled after graduation to Zimbabwe in Africa to play professional soccer for the Bulawayo Highlanders. While there, he also taught math and worked on a documentary about his African experiences. In 1990, Shue returned to the United States to train as an actor in New York City. He is also actively involved in public service, including "Do Something," a non-profit organization dedicated to motivating young people to improve society. Born February 20 in Willmington, Delaware, Shue resides in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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