Alexander Stockton

Alexander Stockton has made over 30 films of all types. He views film as a medium capable of inciting social change and has set out to learn both the craft and the art form in order to express his ideas. Alex is a Film Studies and Economics double major at Dartmouth College, has studied at the Screen Academy Scotland, is a member of the Dartmouth Film Society Directorate, has interned on the set of Grey's Anatomy and attended several filmmaking competitions/conferences, runs a production company out of his home town that specializes in college recruitment videos, is a teaching assistant for animation and the Assistant to the Department of Film and Media Studies at Dartmouth, has collaborated with musician Spencer Topel on an interactive media art installation premiered at Dartmouth and exhibited in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is the co-founder and co-president of Stories Growing Films, Dartmouth's first student film production club. 

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